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Dealing with a stubborn jammed lock – what to do?

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Many people have experienced the inconvenience of jammed locks at some point. A jammed lock can disturb everyday routines and induce tension, whether it’s the result of an obstinate key that won’t turn or a mechanism that’s clogged from rust and dirt. A lock jamming can occur for a number of causes, including as weather-related problems like freezing temperatures or gradual depris and grime buildup.

Locks have a tendency to freeze in cold temperatures; this causes the internal components to compress and makes it harder for the key to spin. This can be avoided with routine maintenance, including lubricating the lock. Furthermore, locks that are left outside are vulnerable to rust, which can make it difficult for them to operate smoothly. Lock lubrication and cleaning can be helpful.

If the explained methods are not helping you to solve your jammed locks issues, give us a call and our emergency locksmiths can be with you at Rawstorne Street, EC1 within 30 minutes.