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Fire Escape Gate

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When thinking about your home or business, your safety and security are your top concerns. To help ensure that you are safe at all times, EC1 Locksmith Aldgate offer custom window gates and fire escape gates in Central London.


Window gates can be essential to protect your family home or business. We can create custom-made window gates for your home or business that will provide protection and look attractive. We make our window gates out of wrought iron for the best in both strength and durability. We offer a range of options to fit your style and the architecture of your building. These include flat, curved, and decorative window gates. We will work with you to create a custom design that will keep you safe and match your style. All of our window gates are permanent and operable.


A fire escape is an essential safety feature, but it can also pose a security risk if it is not properly secured. A fire escape gate ensures that you can get out in the event of a fire, but that no one else can get in. EC1 Locksmith Aldgate offer custom-made permanent and operable fire escape gates designed to fit your home or business and to match your décor. Our fire escape gates are made from wrought iron, so they are both strong and durable. They will keep you safe and look great when they are installed.

If you are looking to install a fire escape gate or window gate, you have come to the right place!

Our highly trained technicians will provide you with an excellent quality service and with highly commutative prices.