EC1 Locksmiths

In case you are moving to another place or office space, you lost your keys or being stolen, or you are willing to get the benefit from a master key system, rekeying your home or business locks is a safe and financially savvy solution. EC1 Locksmith offers proficient lock rekey solutions for residential and commercial customers in Central London. Assuming you need to know whether your locks can be rekeyed, simply search for Locksmith Blackfriars and one of our specialists will be there in no time.

Lock Rekeying Vs Changing the Locks

Lock rekeying consists of changing the pins inside the lock. Your newly assembled keys will fit the lock, and any old keys will at this point don’t work. This makes lock rekeying a quicker and more reasonable solution than changing the lock (in changing locks, the whole lock has to be replaced). EC1 Locksmiths’ specialists will survey whether your lock can be rekeyed, and will consistently offer the most practical answer for your circumstance.

Commercial Lock Rekeying                      

In the event that you have moved to another office or building, lost a bunch of keys, or have been burgled, or previous workers have keys by which they can get access to your property, commercial lock rekeying is the logical most reasonable solution. Our experienced and authorized Blackfriars’s locksmiths can visit your business and perform a specialist lock rekeying solution, giving you a new set of keys ensuring full security for your business.

Residential Lock Rekeying

In the event that you have moved home and are worried that past inhabitants might have keys to your home, or your keys have been lost or taken, our residential lock rekeying services offer a quick and reasonable lock rekey solution. Our locksmiths will go to your home and expertly rekey your locks. We will then, at that point, give a new bunch of keys to fit the lock, and old keys will not work anymore.

Rekey Lock to Master Key System

EC1 Locksmith gives master rekeying frameworks to both private and business customers. This allows you a solitary ‘master’ key to open all of your doors, while other keys can be made to fit individual doors.

This results in improving security and access control for businesses. Residential customers might discover master rekeying helpful when leasing rooms or apartments in the home, or basically for the simplicity of having one key to open each lock. EC1 Locksmith has the extensive experience to proficiently master rekey your home or business!