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Why install a security camera?

Do you have a business that needs constant surveillance? Do you need to keep an eye on employees when you’re not there? Or perhaps your need is the most important of all—protecting your loved ones at home from intruders or caregivers. From our, EC1 Locksmith Paul Street, years of experience in the Central London security industry, here are the most common reasons to install security cameras:

  • To prevent external threats from intruders such as break-ins.
  • To prevent loss from customer theft.
  • To help prevent fraudulent claims by employees.
  • To protect your family in your home.
  • To monitor babysitters, caregivers and household staff.
  • To observe activity on your premises.
  • To prevent a poor customer experience.
  • To keep a visual and historical record of activity on your property.

Monitoring System

Keep in mind that security cameras do not work alone. You’ll also need a monitoring system that will work as a standalone DVR unit for video feed or a PC DVR system that will work with your computer or other digital device. There are advantages to both and EC1 Locks and Keys will advise you on the right monitoring system for your home or business.

At EC1 Locksmith Paul Street, we understand that choosing the right security camera and knowing how to use it can be a daunting task. We’ve helped many of the business owners and residents choose and operate the right system in Central London. Give us a call and one of our skilled technicians will walk you through the entire selection process.

The Risk of doing it yourself

EC1 Locksmiths have years of experience installing security camera systems so your cameras perform at their best and will never fail at critical moments. Try to do it yourself and you can waste a lot of money on the wrong system. More importantly, your cameras can miss the very activity they were designed to capture if you get them installed by someone who is not an expert. Let the professionals at EC1 Locksmiths provide you with a security consultation and estimate.

Reliability, honesty, integrity

There are a lot of scams out there. We understand the nature of the locksmith industry. It is plagued by crooks and opportunists. At EC1 Locksmiths, we advocate for openness and honesty among the locksmith industry. We’ll never show up in an unmarked car, we’ll never charge you more than what is fair and we will not break or destroy property unless it is with your permission and absolutely necessary to gain access.