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As a homeowner, you should consider investing in quality storm doors, storm door lock and handles. Storm doors are almost imperative in homes that have to brace up for some weather extremes through the year. The summer has its own challenges and when the mercury dips you have to brace up for another kind of challenge. You have to ensure that your door doesn’t compromise your insulation and thus impair the level of energy efficiency you have achieved in your home. At the same time, you should not have to deal with a door that doesn’t facilitate ventilation. While safety and security would be the topmost priority, you ought to attend to the other needs as well. That is where quality storm doors along with highly efficient storm door lock and handles come into play. Keep your storm door lock and handles secured with EC1 Locksmith Temple Church.


Regardless of the type of storm door you have, you will need impeccable quality storm door lock and handles. EC1 Locksmiths Temple Church specializes in installing storm door lock and handles. You would get the absolute best at a reasonable price. We have a team of highly trained technicians who know how to safely and impeccably install the locks and handles.


You may have full view storm doors which would typically have a glass panel and sport a slight window design. These doors are aesthetically elegant and can offer the additional security to existing doors. You may have ventilating storm doors. Such doors are also typically made of glass panels but you can slide the panels up and down to facilitate ventilation. Strategically installed doors of this kind along with smartly placed windows can allow natural cross ventilation. You may also have roll screen storm doors. These are typically used for adequate ventilation. They offer a full view out of the door. They are less focused on security and more about views and ventilation.


Beyond installing, we also attend to repairs or replacement of existing storm door lock and handles. We may not have installed them at your place but we are still the best bet to have them repaired or replaced. Along with our impeccable track record, you get the backing of the finest brands and our service guarantee which will always reward your investment.